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I Like To Sleep Outside.

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

I've always been a wandering kind of person. I embrace changes in my environments and follow the constant itch to try something different. I'm motivated to seek experience that keeps my lifestyle feeling anything but boring. I'm an explorer; in heart and mind. There isn't a place, person, or existential thought I wouldn't welcome. Growing up an empath - there was a struggle to understand my own spirituality, sensitivities, beliefs, idiosyncrasies, etc. I always had a need for some semblance of stability - which is practically an oxymoron for anyone working in entertainment/artistic industries. How could I protect myself while working in an industry (and living in a world) so often critical, harsh, and sometimes unauthentic? It was difficult for me to find balance between the desire for intimacy/solace/privacy/peace and the desire for literal adventure and artistic success. My 20's were a glorious, and often terrifying, 'trial and error' period to figure out what I was willing to 'let in', and what was okay to 'give up' in order to strike that balance and learn what 'happiness' can feel like.

In finding my happiest self, I have discovered my most necessary ingredients to living a full life.

There are so many moments that make a person. So many PEOPLE that leave lasting marks on us, and add to our story. Somehow, someway, I was beyond fortunate enough to discover my soul-mate and best friend of a husband. My partner in all things adventure and life since I was 17 years old. We designed a life together that hybrids both our individual dreams, our friendship goals, and a huge focus on having fun. I know I'm not suppose to say this. I know I am not suppose to say things like "we complete each other", so I won't. But I will say that this partnership, and the creation of love with this person has helped make me my favorite version of myself, and contributes to most of my life most beautiful moments. I'm not going to say much more on this subject, because really, I could write a book. Just know everyone deserves love, but I'm often shocked just how much love this lifetime allowed me. Marriage is really cool, y'all.

Embracing as much nature as I can has become a necessity for me. Nature connects me the most to my spiritual self, and immersing myself in natureous places brings me closer to whatever higher power exists. I found I quite enjoy camping and sleeping outside. I prefer it to sleeping in hotels. I'm at my calmest when I'm put to sleep by the sounds of nature, and there is NOTHING like waking up and breathing in crisp morning air. There is something super spectacular about 'feeling small' in a vast wilderness or valley of rock. It puts things into perspective for me. The Mountains are my church! I may have even surrounded my home with over 80 a 700 square foot apartment just to feel closer to 'green' things... Oops.

And my other almost borderline addiction, driving for miles and miles around this beautiful country to explore all the 'new' I can find. Roadtrippin' is a way of life! Whether its a vast open valley or a bustling city - every place is home to somebody or something. This country - for all its troubles - is a never ending palette of history and sight-seeing for this nomadic heart. Theres magic in a random conversation with a stranger from a small town 3,000 miles away, or the way the sunset rays highlight the mid-west plains in the 'middle of nowhere', tasting my way through the best food at local 'hole-in-the-wall' type places or famous city neighborhoods, and then theres the sound of a crazy thunder/rainstorm wreaking havoc on my tent when I'm camping in a pitch black woods. These moments have been my favorite - and within them I have found endless joy in the simplest and most organic things.

My dear husband has endured a lot of my travel playlists while on our long trips. Some of my favorite being 'Indigo Girls' tunes. This would not be a proper blog post about my rambling spirit unless I shared some of those favorited lyric quotes with you, that I'm often singing out my car window. (cue my husbands eye rolling, now).

" Get out the map, get out the map and lay your finger anywhere down.

We'll leave the figuring to those we pass on our way out of town.

Don't drink the water there seems to be something ailing everyone.

I'm gonna clear my head.

I'm gonna drink that sun.

I'm gonna love you good and strong while our love is good and young."

"With every lesson learned a line upon your beautiful day.

We'll amuse ourselves one day with these memories we'll trace"

- Get Out The Map, Indigo Girls

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