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Gina Bilardi Enterprises offers a range of live musical acts to be hired for specialty events, private parties, festivals, public venues, and concerts. These include Gina's acoustic groups, duo's, trios, jazz acts, and larger dance band ensembles. 

To hire one of Gina's acts for your venue or event, please reach out to, or reach out through the contact page of her website. 

Be sure to visit Gina's instagram to see the most recent clips and videos from live performances



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Full Bands

Long Island Rhythm Experience, LIRX 

(six piece dance, event, and show band)

"The Long Island Rhythm Experience (LIRX, pronounced 'lyrics') is a dynamic collective of musicians from across Long Island, N.Y. Each band member is a veteran of the Long Island music scene, and has joined together to provide something fresher than your typical cover band, all while still performing music you love and recognize. Their musical approach stems from recreating famous arrangements and viral videos by bands such as Scary Pockets, Pomplamoose, and Post Modern Juke Box to fit their six-piece ensemble. LIRX creatively bends styles and reimagines pop hits, such as a vintage version of 'Toxic' by Britney Spears and a totally rocked-out version of Adele’s 'Easy on Me'. They showcase how nostalgic music mixed with well-versed musicianship can offer a new live experience using genre swapping and skillful music arranging. When designing their own arrangements, the band likes to pull from some of their favorite funk and soul influences by making songs such as 'If I Ain’t Got You' by Alicia Keys & Alanis Morissette’s 'You Oughta Know' feel like a song straight out of the funky 60’s club era. Fun and engaging medleys including a 'Shrek' themed throwback medley - which includes title songs from the famous 'Shrek' movies captivate people of all ages, and original medleys such as their 'millennial mashup' or 'baby making medley' not only showcase their creative musicianship, but also their talent as on stage performers. Keeping a consistent tight groove, showcasing stellar vocals, incorporating fresh arrangements, and allowing a bulk of their material to appeal to the millennial generation, is how they hope to reinvigorate the Long Island music scene with their innovative vision of a 'cover band' !"

Learn more about LIRX:

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Duos. Trios. Quartets.



Women of Rock & Soul Tribute

(primarily a trio, available as a quartet)



Gina B Rock Duo/Trio

(acoustic or electric)

A three person band may not sound very energetic or edgy, however with Gina's gritty powerhouse rock vocals and her skilled rock instrumentalists they are a theatrical group experience to be witnessed. Whether performing in a theatre setting or in a club lounge, this group brings the feeling of a full rock band for venues that can not accommodate larger (or louder) ensembles. 

Gina's Jazz Trio

(available as a duo, or quartet with percussion)

From crooning old standards straight from the American songbook, instrumental  improv, to implementing a jazzy pop/rock setlist featuring contemporary jazz inspired charting artist such as Amy Whinehouse, Norah Jones, and Etta James. This group is perfect for a cocktail hour, wedding ceremony, background music for a sophisticated corporate event, dinner party, or even for a nice candle lit wine bar.

Barely Acoustic 

(two vocalists, one acoustic guitar)

Barely Acoustic is Gina's longest running act. BA's setlist

features a harmonious and stylized list of popular songs from

the 50's to 2010's  era, all to compliment their folk/rock/country

vibe. They are perfect for a wedding ceremony, vineyard concert,

waterfront venue, house dinner party, backyard summer bbq, and really anything in between! Visit their website at to learn


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